The best beautifully situated restaurant in the country near Gisselfeld... The name is Villa Gallina

A strong history, unique surroundings and high-quality food. Villa Gallina has it all and is definitely worth visiting. The restaurant was built in 1852 as a place of convenience and a tea garden and served at that time the inhabitants of the neighbourhood and travellers on the old highway from Copenhagen to Næstved. Today Villa Gallina is both an à la carte restaurant and a place for parties and can boast of the most beautiful surroundings in Denmark. From the big terrace in front of the fantastic half-timbered house it is possible to enjoy the view of the beautiful lake and the surrounding forest. Villa Gallina is leased to the married couple Lise and Nicholas Dark who are serving quality food inspired both by the traditional Danish, Italian, and French kitchen. Villa Gallina has it all.

For booking: Villa Gallinavej 3, Hesede Skov, 4690 Haslev, Telephone: +45 56 32 62 16, Email:

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