Admission DKK 40


Children up to 12 years Free
Groups over 25 persons: DKK 35 / person

Season ticket DKK 130

Season ticket + Christmas Market: DKK 180
Season ticket + Christmas Market + Farmer's Market: DKK 250

Season ticket and horse riding card can be bought at the Estate Office

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Our car park is situated right opposite the main entrance of the park.
It can be used both by private cars and busses, and the car park is used in connection with all visits to and events at Gisselfeld.

Guidelines for Traffic in the Park

It is forbidden to climb in trees, on fences, waterfall or buildings.  It is not permitted to take cuttings, break off twigs, branches, leaves or the like. "No Admittance" signs must be respected. Photographing is only permitted for private purposes. Any other photographing, including wedding photos, requires permissionse.

Dogs on a String

Dogs are welcome, but must be led on a string. Please remember a dog bag and use it if necessary.

Wedding Photographing in the Park

A permission to use the Castle Park for wedding photographing can be obtained at the estate office who books the wanted area.
The price is between DKK 500 and 1,200.

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