For the Passionate Hunter

"Being a hunter on the lands of Gisselfeld is much more than the hunting itself.
The nature and the care of game are important parts of the total experience, and
as a hunter you get a lot of challenges.
The undulating land, the possiblity of hunting fallow deer under controlled conditions, where you are only permitted to hunt deer of the quota annually allocated by Gisselfeld makes it an attractive area for the passionate hunter.
I'm a hunt leaser of three consortia under Gisselfeld Kloster, and this is working perfectly in cooperation with the castle. To lease hunting on the lands of Gisselfeld is attractive to hunters as you will find almost all species of game."

Niels Skovgaard - Hunter and Hunt Leaser


Wonderful Hunting Experiences
in a Varied Nature

Gisselfeld Kloster consists of 3,880 hectares of land, ideally distributed between forest, agriculture, meadows, lakes, and wetlands. A key area of more than 3,000 hectares is surrounding the castle.  It is very important to us that game and nature have optimal conditions, and, currently, new, small biotopes and hedgerows are planted, just as the existing ones are cared for with great dedication.
For hunting you will find many different species on Gisselfeld's property.  Especially, the population of red deer and fallow deer consists of approximately 75-100 pieces, descending from a stocking of 14 pieces back in 2008. The fallow deer stock comprises 600-700 pieces which have been registered through a severely controlled hunting policy since 1993. The roe population is strong and widely spread and can be found on all the fields of the estate. The general population of small game is currently cared for, so that hunting is always possible during the season.
The extensive and purposeful work of Gisselfeld Kloster in proportion to the care of the biotopes and the game contributes to the great demand for hunting under Gisselfeld Kloster. All lease of hunting takes place by leasing bigger and smaller areas on contract over longer periods.

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