Highlights throughout the Year

Gisselfeld Kloster is for everybody who loves big events. Whether the park is blooming, or the snow is covering the landscape as a white carpet, you have always something to look forward to. Gisselfeld Kloster has its firm traditions like the Classic Motor Show and the Christmas Market, but all the year round it is exciting to visit Gisselfeld Kloster, and currently, new activities are added

Highlights during the year (the upcomings can be seen below):

Opening Day 2018: Thursday March the 29th

Life Style Fair at Gisselfeld 2018 April the 27-29th

Skt. Hans Evening 2018 in the Park June the 23rd 

Opera Galla in the Park August the 19th

Christmas Market No. 20 2018 the last 2 weekends in Nov.

New in 2019: Theatre Festival for children in the Park


Book a Tour at the Castle - in English or german

Get close to the authentic, historical atmosphere of the Castle and see the Castle from the inside. Walk through the beautiful saloons and get the feeling of being part of the aristocratic golden age as far back as to the 17th century. Gisselfeld Kloster is the owner of many beautiful, unique collections, and - among other things - their famous, spectaculur collection of china. All tours are guided by enthusiastic guides who make the history of Gisselfeld Kloster both vivid and interesting.

Closed Tours for Groups

Tours for groups can be arranged every day of the week - and, in principle, the whole year.
Tours can be combined with a guided tour in the Castle Park at an additional price.

Price for groups of max. 50 persons, 1 hour: DKK 4,500, incl. taxes
Price for groups of max. 50 persons, 1 1/2 hours: DKK 7,500, incl. taxes

Book herE

Open Tours for Individuals >

Tours for individuals can be arranged on selected dates and times. The tours are made in groups from min. 25 up to 50 persons.

Tickets can be bought in presale on www.billetlugen.dk or by personal appearance at the estate office during opening hours.

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