Great Dramas and Quiet Everyday Life

Feel the strong beating of powerful wings from the fantastic culture history of Gisselfeld. Great dramas have been performed, and quiet everyday life has taken place in Gisselfeld Kloster since its erection in 1575. Once you have been standing on the bridge leading to the mighty baronial castle, you understand why different artists have been revisiting Gisselfeld and writing about it for centuries.

The Muse of Artists

Throughout ages Gisselfeld has had a prominent position, and many celebreties have visited Gisselfeld. The beautiful manor house landscape has inspired and attracted many artists like e.g. Bache, Thorvaldsen, Christian Winther, and H. C. Andersen. It was here at Gisselfeld that H. C. Andersen was inspired to "The Story of a Duck", which later became "Den grimme Ælling" ("The Ugly Duckling").

A Strong History

The present Gisselfeld was founded by Peder Oxe who was a High Chancellor (Primeminister) and built the castle from 1547-1575.  After his death, Mette Rosenkrantz of Vallø, his wife, took over the running of the castle.  When she died in 1588, Karen Banner, Peder Oxe's sister daughter, took over the castle. She married Henrik Lykke of Overgaard. After this, the Lykke family possessed Gisselfeld until Kai Lykke was convicted on life, honour and estate because of lese-majesty. This meant that Gisselfeld was under the crown from 1661-1670 until it was given to count Hans Schack due to his feats during the Svenskekrigene (wars between Denmark and Sweden).  Hans Schack's descendants sold Gisselfeld to Adam Levin Knuth in 1688. The family possessed Gisselfeld until 1699, when Chr. Gyldenløve (son of Christian V and Sophie Amalie Moth) took over the castle. Gyldenløve died in 1703. However, before his death he established a foundation, according to which the castle should change from being privately owned into being a convent for unmarried ladies of noble rank.
His descendants, who got the name Danneskiold-Samsøe, have run the castle until today in accordance with Gyldenløve's will of 1701. So far, there have been 11 counts / supreme managers of the Danneskiold-Samsøe dynasty. The present Supreme Manager and the 12th in row is named Helene Danneskiold-Samsøe. She is the first woman in this post ever. Helene Danneskiold-Samsøe was appointed on 1 March 2010.
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