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The area around Gisselfeld Kloster has a lot to offer within Architecture, Experienceces, Bed & Breakfasts and Restaurants. All participants of Destination Gisselfeld have an affiliation with Gisselfeld, and we are giving our warmest recommendation to each and every one. Go visit, if you are in the Neighborhood anyway. They are all situated close to Gisselfeld Castle &  Paradehuset - Orangeriet at Gisselfeld.

Combine your visit at Gisselfeld with a visit to the Forest Tower on Skovtårnsvej 1 at Camp Adventure, a vist to Veras Verden, MissBean by Laug and Outdoor-shop Akeleje at Hesede Hovedgård og enjoy a lunch at Roennede Kro or at Restaurant Villa-Gallina (prebooking is neccesary). 

If you are on a getaway and looking for a place to stay / sleep, you can go to Edelsminde Bed & Breakfast, Det Gamle Apotek, Hesede Hovedgård or to Gartnerens Logi anno 1879 Bed & Breakfast, som drives af Paradehuset - Orangeriet at Gisselfeld.

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