The Perfect Meeting Place

Get inspired for a day with a lot of experiences or quiet preoccupation. With the fantastic setting - indoor as well as outdoor - and our big know-how you can be quite sure that your event will be successful. Gisselfeld Kloster is a professional collaborator, whether you are planning a big fair, a company event, meetings, team building, or exceptional activities. You will have the opportunity of planning the event yourself or letting Gisselfeld Kloster plan the whole event.
We guarantee that at Gisselfeld Kloster you will get extraordinary experiences.

Quite Close to the Culture History

Gisselfeld Kloster is very special due to the changing, exceptional surroundings in the forest and the land, the unique historical atmosphere, and especially the fantastic castle park. We are very flexible in relation to your wishes. We can offer premises and areas for big events up to 10,000 participants, including company events, meetings, courses, conferences, fairs, and exhibitions.
In cooperation with external bidders Gisselfeld Kloster offers to arrange courses, team building, role plays, and other activities. The unique surroundings also enable us to include fishing or other nature experiences in the programme for your event. In the beautiful buildings you can to a great extent enjoy the culture history and achieve the goals you have for your event at the same time.

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