Perfect for the
Nature Freak

"I'm a true nature freak, and, therefore, I don't think that I can find more beautiful fishing areas than the lakes at Gisselfeld Kloster. We are four persons renting the fishing rights to one of the many lakes of Gisselfeld, thus enabling us to return to basic for one or several days, camping at the bank and throwing the fishing line into the water. It is pure relaxation and a perfect idyll.
We have been fishing here for 8 years and consider this the most spectaculous area for spare time fishing in Northern Europe. We can observe the marsh harrier hunting, listen to the sound of the woodpecker, or wake up in the morning, looking right into the eyes of a swan because we have trespassed its territory. At the same time, we are surrounded by the mystery and history of Gisselfeld Kloster."

John Andersen, Angler


Enriched by Nature with Ideal
Opportunities of Angling

Gisselfeld Kloster is enriched with a nature, making it extremely attractive to throw the fishing line into the water and just enjoy the moment.
Due to the many lakes and streams, the angler has optimal opportunities in these beautiful surroundings. The carp fishing appeared at Gisselfeld already in the 19th century. Therefore, a great deal of the lakes is created artificially. Through the last 15 years all 23 carp ponds have been provided with carps, and you also find a great variety of fish species in lakes and streams, e.g. pikes, zanders, perches, tenches, and brown trouts. The rights to hunting, traffic and fishing have been rented out on the main part of the areas. In this connection houses and cottages have been restored for the many guests using nature. Frequently, Gisselfeld Kloster has available fishing waters for rent, thus offering unique opportunities of fishing on the spot.
Please contact Gisselfeld Kloster to hear more about available fishing waters - only serious applications.




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Søtorup Lake

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Available Carp Ponds

No carp ponds available at the moment.
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