Forestry and agriculture at Gisselfeld

Much of Gisselfeld Klosters earnings is derived from agriculture and forestry, spread over nearly 4,000 acres. Agriculture currently includes nine farms and 1,450 hectares designated as agriculture, brackish, feeding crops and meadows. Forestry activities are 2,350 acres incl. lakes, bogs, meadows and roads - and acts as a traditional forestry with timber production and a significant production of Christmas trees and greenery. Gisselfeld provides grazing for animals in the corresponding meadows, and parts of Gisselfelds pasture are rented out for crops.

Certified forestry

Gisselfeld Forest District in 2004 was certified PEFC - Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Cerfification schemes Denmark.
This means the forests objective is to be sustainable and traceable. The certification also means that regular checks are carried out by external inspectors. This is to ensure that the standards are met. In connection with the certification some parts of the forest lays untouched in order to support a high level of biodiversity. These parts are especially selected from areas with high natural values ​​such as lakes and streams.

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