Guests are Welcome in the Forest

Of course, Gisselfeld Kloster would like to share the beautiful forests with the public, and it is exciting to explore these beautiful areas.
Many of the lakes have been built artificially as carp ponds and are considered part of the first carp production in Denmark.
The dramatic melt water cliffs are quite unique and can be found several places in the forests.
The best known are the "Svenskekløften" (a very famous cliff) and the cliff in Denderupvænge around Brødebækken, where the cliffs are up to 20-25 m.


The Rules must be Observed

Gisselfeld forest district is privately owned. In private forests there are special rules for traffic.
We request that these are observed by the guests of the forest in order that trade- and spare time activities can take place without any problems.

In private forests you may:

  • Stay from 6.00 a.m. to sunset
  • Only walk on roads and paths, except paths which are only trampled
  • Not saw or cut in the trees
  • Collect mushrooms, nuts, berries, seed, cones from the forest floor, moss, lichen, branches and twigs, but only what can be reached from the road or the path
  • Only ride as agreed with the owner
  • Only ride a bicycle on consolidated roads, but never on the forest floor
  • Lead dogs on a string
  • Never dig up plants


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