40,000 Guests a Year

Every year more than 40,000 guests pay a visit to Gisselfeld. They all come to enjoy the old renaissance castle, the beautiful castle park, and the surrounding "pearls" of nature.

The name Gisselfeld can be traced back to the year 1370, but the red castle as it appears today was built during the period 1547 to 1575 by Peder Oxe, the mightiest High Chancellor of Denmark. There has been a garden park around the castle since then.

The present castle park of approximately 40 hectares was laid out towards the end of the 19th century by H.E. Millner, the famous English landscape architect. An English landscape garden with beautiful oases and botanic rarities which is definitely worth visiting.



The most Beautiful Park of
Northern Europe with Botanic Rarities

From the time when Peder Oxe built his castle, Gisselfeld Kloster has been surrounded by parks. The look of these parks has changed several times as new tendencies within garden architecture have appeared. The present park appears as an English landscape garden and was laid out during the 19th century. The park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in Northern Europe and holds many botanic rarities. The area is approximately 40 hectares, half of which is carp ponds. The first ones were built by Peder Oxe and are considered the first fish farms in Denmark. 
A walk in the park is a romantic trip quite close to nature. The division of the park with water and plateaux gives a changeable landscape experience influenced by the rich bird life and the change of seasons. This very special atmosphere can be enjoyed in the Season, where the park is open to the public against purchase of an admission ticket. It is also possible to lease the park for events.

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English Landscape Garden with Modern Tendencies

The English landscape garden was laid out so that it almost blends with the surrounding landscape, thus emphasizing the beautiful areas around the castle.
Many of the present beds and plateaux can be traced back to the 19th century, but also to the more streamlined tendencies of the baroque period. 
Gisselfeld Castle Park contains several botanic rarities and is known for its tall pigeon tree, blooming around May/June.

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